Monday, 22 December 2008

Crosswind training IFR Eelde 12.2008

Click on the title to see the HD video on DailyMotion

Today not the visibility but the wind is the determining factor. Again there is a big wind shift between runway elevation and the layer starting from a couple of hundreds of feet. From 1000ft upwards there is more than 40kts wind with an angle of 40 to 60 degrees cross on runway 23. Interesting for training purposes, but the turbulence is also challenging for the video crew.

On the ground the maximum gust according to ATC is 29 kts on the last approach which would be on the limit of the max demonstrated crosswind for the DA40 of 20 kts.

Ummetje survived his logo party. Class 8-3 is now called the Governors. Sounds pretty tough and ambitious (I still prefer "Granny's Pride"). We consider to take him with us as well, but after a quick inspection of his weekly luggage he seems better of going back by train.

Whilst lined up on the runway to return to Lelystad again we are able to watch some para's perform their tricks right next to us.

Pancake Airlines Crew is trained by Dwarf Powered Gliders ( and Wings over Holland ( Information on the PH-PCA Diamond DA40 can be found on You can click on the title link to see the HD video on DailyMotion.

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