Monday, 2 March 2009

2009/02 IFR Osnabruck-Atterheide

click on the video title to see the HD movie on DailyMotion

First IFR flight of Pancake Airlines without instructor. VFR departure from Lelystad and VFR arrival on Osnabruck-Atterheide (EDWO) with good conditions for such a training flight and a high enough freezing level.

As Eelco says: IFR flying should be predictable and dull. Everything went smooth indeed with a lot of tailwind on our route to Germany. The sights between and on top of the clouds were not dull at all.

Atterheide is a nice and quiet field, very close to the west side of Osnabruck and has a 800m asphalt runway (east-west).

Pancake Airlines Crew is trained by Dwarf Powered Gliders ( and Wings over Holland ( Information on the PH-PCA Diamond DA40 can be found on You can click on the title link to see the HD video on DailyMotion.

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