Monday, 17 November 2008

2008/01 Bart from Teuge to Lelystad

Click on the title to see the video on DailyMotion

Not only Sander, but also his nephew's Bart and Marten are mad about flying. That makes 3 generations of Wellens pilots. Grandpa Har is 80 years old now and still glider flying. He is naturally their biggest supporter and has often flown with them in glider planes.
Har is the living proof that it is virtually impossible to set a fixed age limit for pilots. Where other pilots are better of stopping much earlier, he still flew passengers until about a year ago. Since then he's only flying together with another pilot, but still enjoying every minute of it.

Sander is when I write this (2008/11) already in the middle of his first ATPL exam week at KLM Flight Academy. Marten is going to start in Eelde as well mid next year. In this video Harry jr (777 captain at KLM) is flying with Bart (14 then) in PCA from Teuge to Lelystad.

Both Marten and Bart already managed to be solo glider pilot at the annual summer camp at Hilversum airport. Would be great if Bart also succeeds to get into the KLM Flight Academy when his time has come.

Pancake Airlines Crew is trained by Dwarf Powered Gliders ( and Wings over Holland ( Information on the PH-PCA Diamond DA40 can be found on You can click on the title link to see the video on DailyMotion.

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